Welcome to Ovation Agent by AMTELCO

Expand your call center’s capabilities and give your operators all the information they need with Ovation Agent!

The Ovation Agent uses the functionality of your existing PBX ACD, and adds a radically simple operator interface screen to expand the capabilities of your hospitality call center. You have to see it!

The Ovation Agent gives operators a single focal point, providing instant access to any information they need, no matter where they are.

The flexibility of the Ovation Agent gives you endless possibilities for using Ovation Agent stations to improve communications throughout your entire enterprise!

Operators can quickly display all the information they need about a guest, including status, messages, reservations, meeting times, wake-up calls, and contact information.

Simplified Screen Layout
The streamlined Ovation Agent screen gives operators the ability to access the information they need in an easy-to-follow screen layout. The information available can be customized to include exactly the information you want them to see, reducing training time and allowing new operators to become proficient in a very short amount of time.

Numerous Uses

The Ovation Agent is ideally suited for operators that need information to handle incoming calls, as well as any location in your organization outside your call center that needs fast access to information, such as receptionist areas, reservations or local and remote locations.

Operators can quickly display all the information they need about a guest, including status, messages, meeting schedules, and contact information.

Powerful Search Capabilities

The key to the power of the Ovation Agent is the amazing built-in search capabilities. The Ovation Agent search box is incremental, so the closest matches appear with each character the operator types, speeding access to the information they need. Operators can search by any type of information, including first name, last name, guest room number, and so much more!

Message Scripting

Custom design your message scripts to record just the information your enterprise needs to handle any type of call.

    Ovation Agent Benefits:

  • Improve Accuracy
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Powerful Search Capabilities
  • Flexibility
  • Reduce Labor Costs
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